January 15, 2009

Blogs Find Their Importance for Indian Politicians

After getting popular with movie celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan, blogs have started gaining importance to politicians. This time its Mr. L.K. Advani presently one of the most senior leaders of one of the largest political parties in India - Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). He has recently started his blog in January. In his first blog post- Electioneering: From Handbill to the Internet, he has mentioned the reasons for starting his blog. The basic reason here is using the internet as a medium to reach public for political communication and campaigning. The blog is an extension of his political portal lkadvani.in
Currently, L.K.Advani is being considered as the Prime Ministerial candidate from BJP for the next election. Who knows the blog may give him that extra edge and win him the elections. Well, at least blogging will surely enable Mr. Advani to reach a different section of citizens who seldom give attention to political speeches.
Go to the official blog of L.K.Advani :

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  1. Advani Ji Pranam,

    Mai america se niraj..base from Jharkhand..

    hume aaj narendra modi jaisa banda chaiye jo tough ho an dhe knows how to get the work done.
    Teh way he snatch tata bite from all other state.

    U r good and most eefective one in present scenerios but keep good people like Arun jaitely around u as he is wise.
    Even i wnat to be leader one day and serve my country after i come back from US in 2-3 years


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