January 20, 2009

Are You An Agitated Satyam Investor?- Take Revenge From Raju (But Virtually)

Not many days before, when the (in)famous shoe incident happened with Former President of U.S.A. the online gaming sites were full of games that required the user to act like the reporter who threw shoes at Bush and score points for hitting him.
Taking the concept ahead, its Satyam’s Former chief Ramalinga Raju, who is now the hot spot among the game players. A number of gaming sites have come up with games that need the players to throw rotten eggs on Raju’s face.
After the Satyam Scandal, it’s a great chance for the company’s agitated investors to show their anger and take revenge in Satyam's own style (electronically).

Click here to see one of them.

Many thanks to Shailesh and Priya for sharing this info.

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