September 17, 2008

Accounting Technician- ICAI aims at matching the supply with demand

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has announced the launch of new curriculum to be named as ‘Accounting Technician’ (AT).
As we are aware that a very small percentage of total candidates who appear in the Chartered Accountancy exams (at various levels) manage to clear the examination, there was a constant need to have a certified degree which, though not equivalent to a full fledged Chartered Accountant, but could recognize the so called C.A. Intermediate in a better way.
The constantly growing KPO sector and also the local town businesses require professional accountants who have the basic knowledge and skills in accounting and financial sector. ICAIs AT aims at filling this vacancy in the best manner.
Similar to the concept, there are many institutes offering courses like ‘Tally Accountant’, ‘Business Accountant’, and ‘Industrial Accountant’ etc. Although an Accounting Technician is expected to have more or less the same level of knowledge as that of a these courses or more specifically a Commerce Graduate, but ICAI certification would ensure that s/he has a reliable level of working skills too.
To become an Accounting Technician, you need to first pass an eligibility test after senior secondary. After that you need to register for the course and complete studies and Information Technology (IT) training as prescribed by the board of studies and then appear for the AT exam.
After passing the examination, you will be required to have practical experience for a period of one year in accounting. You will also be required to undergo orientation programme to be conducted by the Board of Studies.

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