February 5, 2009

How to Fight Job Recession and Save Your Job?

Every now and then, we are coming across severe layoff decisions by the companies. Things are not very good in either part of the world
However, recession does not mean end of work. It is just a situation to work more and expect less. Following are some of the common yet very effective tips to become more secured with your job:

  1. Control your expectations: If you were receiving salary hikes regularly in the past, don't expect that you should receive now also. Even if you are asked to deliver more.
  2. Be prepared for any decrement: Anytime, you might be proposed a decrement in salary by your company. Do not panic and don't treat it as a loss of reputation. Think from the company's perspective and try to accept it. Its better to be working for lower amount than being jobless.
  3. Make your employer realise your value: Work more hours, try to increase your efficiency,be more committed, avoid leaves- to summarise, make it hard for your company to sack you.
  4. Search for other jobs also: Start browsing for the job classifieds just to ensure that if a layoff situation comes, you are ready with some other opportunities.
  5. Be stable with your job: The older you are with your job, the more are the chances of surviving. Try not to switch your job for small and avoidable reasons.
  6. Control your expenses: Be ready for any tough times. Reduce your expenses and save more. Avoid unnecessary spending and loans.

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